About Us

Episode 1 - Jane and Pierre

L'Amour (or less...)

is a series of short films


Inspired by true stories of love or loss in the
City of Light


Some of these stories are romantic and charming, some are distinctly not, and some are simply bizarre, but all are true.

What happens when two people who come from two different cultures try to form a romantic connection?

This charming and original series attempts to answer this question in ten enlightening episodes, each inspired by true story of Parisian love or loss.

Each 22-minute episode is filmed in its own cinematic style, from romantic to thriller to film noir, and features a true dating story between Jane (an expatriate Everywoman) and Pierre (a French Everyman), or John (an expatriate Everyman) and Marie (a French Everywoman), or some combination thereof.  At the ending, each episode reveals what happened to the couple in real life.

Each episode features new actors, as well as music from local musicians, artwork from local artists, photographs from local photographers, and more, while Paris plays her part, leaving her fingerprints on all that happens.

Anyone who has dreamed of traveling to Paris---or falling in love---will enjoy this romantic dramedy series.

Episode 1 – Hello, I Love You

Our Writer/Producer Jennifer Fox Geraghty won MIPTV's New Producer to watch for this episode, which has already been fully filmed and produced. 

A chance encounter with a handsome waiter in a Paris champagne bar leaves Jane, a visiting American, thirsting for romance. Her eyes lock with Pierre’s from across the room.

Will she follow her friend’s advice and take caution, or will she follow her heart and see where the adventure takes her?

Manon Carrié


Bastien Sanchez


Tanya Marie

Jane's Friend